• Sustainable Waste Management
    & Environmental Protection

  • Implementing effective
    waste management strategies


  • Ensuring a safe and healthy environment
    for future generations

Medical and Hazardous Waste Treatment

The CWM-TADWEER aims at to establish a waste treatment facility for treating and disposing 7,500 tons/annum of bio-medical & hazardous waste by establishing a rotary incinerator for treatment of medical and hazardous waste in Abu Dhabi region and cater to the treatment of medical and hazardous waste generated in Abu Dhabi and Al Dhafra region.

CWM-TADWEER has opted for a Build-Own-Operate (BOO) contract model for establishing & operating the rotary incinerator & associated facilities, and has selected a contractor (BRS Ventures – Ramky Enviro Engineers Middle East FZ LLC (RAMKY) Consortium - The Al Ahlia Waste Treatment LLC for design, construction & operation of the following facilities:

  1. Collection of Biomedical waste from various health care centres and hazardous waste from industries
  2. Transportation of the wastes to the facility and its storage prior to its disposal
  3. Installation and operation of a Rotary kiln incineration system
  4. An Engineered Landfill (Class – 1) for waste disposal, and
  5. Other required infrastructure for the operation of the plant

The site allotted for construction of treatment and disposal facility is located near the Maharqah Waste Landfill, roughly 70 Km from Abu Dhabi city.

Licenses, Certifications & Accreditations